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Anne Bronte's grave

Anne is the only member of the Bronte family not buried at Haworth. She fell in love with Scarborough whilst working as governess for five years for the Robinson family.

When she was diagnosed as suffering from the early stages of consumption it was felt that the change of air might help relieve the symptoms. Charlotte requested that her friend Ellen Nussey accompany them on the journey to Scarborough which they began on 24th May 1849. They booked rooms at the Wood’s lodgings, No.2 the Cliff, which today is where the Grand Hotel stands. At the time St Mary’s Church was being rebuilt so the funeral service was held at Christ Church which was close to their lodgings. The cortege passed through the steep narrow streets before arriving at St Mary’s church. Anne is buried at the northern end of St Mary’s churchyard on Castle Hill beneath the castle walls overlooking the sea.

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