Mission Partners

Catherine and Nick Drayson

CMS Mission Partners - Argentina

Nick and Catherine Drayson are working with indigenous peoples, largely based in the Chaco Forest (roughly the size of France) in the north of the country. Nick is the Diocesan Bishop of Northern Argentina and teaches the leaders of the indigenous churches through visiting and conferences, and Catherine is an occupational therapist and runs women's and family conferences.

Chris and Suzy Wilson

CMS Mission Partners - Ethiopia

Since 2013, around 250,000 people have fled South Sudan to the Gambella region of Ethiopia, including thousands of Christians. In September 2015, St Frumentius’ Theological College was launched to provide support and training to church leaders in Gambella as they attempt to promote peace and reconciliation.  As part of the staff team at St Frumentius’, Chris & Suzy deliver courses to full-time students who are training for ordination and give training and support to existing church leaders